About Hello Burger

In the heart of Narigama Beach in Sri Lanka, beneath the blazing sun, two brothers, Mahesh and Dinesh, embarked on a journey that unfolded from the simple joy of riding waves to the flavorful world of Hello Burger. After years of dedicated effort, attempting to make a living and support their family through a surfboard rental and lessons business, the twins began to harbor grand aspirations.

Amid the laughter and camaraderie with friends from around the world, the duo worked tirelessly but found their rupees falling short of securing the promising future they envisioned. It was a moment of reflection, a juncture when Mahesh and Dinesh decided it was time for a change—time to dream big.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting golden hues on the beach, the brothers ventured into the world of hamburgers, infusing their passion into every patty. Fast forward six years, and their dream has blossomed into reality. With two thriving hamburger restaurants and over 560 combined TripAdvisor reviews, Mahesh and Dinesh’s culinary creations have become a beloved delight for customers who savor the delicious flavors born from the twins’ unwavering dedication. And so, from the surfboards of their past to the sizzling grills of today, the brothers’ tale weaves a narrative of resilience, dreams pursued, and a journey that transformed the shores of Narigama Beach.