The idea of Hello Burger started to grow under the hot sun on Narigama Beach in Sri Lanka. After many years of trying to make a living and support their family from their surfboard rental and surf lessons business, the twins Mahesh and Dinesh started to dream big.

Hanging out on the beach, surfing and getting friends from all over the world was a lot of fun. They worked hard, but couldn’t make enough rupees to secure the future for themselves and their loved ones. It was time for something new. It was time to start to make the best hamburgers in Sri Lanka.

Six years later they now have two hamburger restaurants with over 560 TripAdvisor reviews combined. The costumers loves to eat the burgers that Mahesh and Dinesh loves to make. Maybe it’s the secret recipe of their burger that’s behind their success:

  • 1 cup of FUN
  • 1 gallon of FRIENDSHIP
  • 1 pinch of HOPE
  • a few SMILES
  • and endless spoons of passion



Tripadvisor Hikkaduwa


Tripadvisor Arugam Bay


533 Galle Road | Opposite Royal Beach Hotel, Hikkaduwa 80240, Sri Lanka

+94 77 192 7667


Sinn Ullai | Pottuvil 18, Arugam Bay 32500, Sri Lanka

+94 77 192 7667