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About Hello Burger

It all started on the sun-drenched shores of Narigama Beach in Sri Lanka. Twins Mahesh and Dinesh, hustling to make ends meet through their surfboard rental and surf lessons business, found themselves dreaming beyond the crashing waves. The idea of Hello Burger began to sprout, a beacon of ambition born from years of toil and a desire for something more.

"Best western food I’ve had in Asia"

”Awesome place, really cool vibe, friendly people, and incredible food! Came here with a filthy hangover and it sorted us right out! Genuinely the best burger I’ve ever had, hand cut fries, amazing milkshake and banana split. Easily the best western food I’ve had in Asia 👌🤙”

"A genuinely lovely experiencee"

A genuinely lovely experience. We both had the Aussie burger, and it was fresh, well cooked and tasted homemade. The fries were spot on. Above and beyond though, what a welcome, and what service. Genuinely lovely people who work here, and I hope this restaurant continues to thrive. Go, you won’t regret it.

"The best Burgers in the world"

Warning! If you eat burgers from this place then you won’t be able to enjoy burgers from anywhere else. Hands down the best Burgers in the world. Burgers done so well that you will get addicted. The brothers and their sister are very very kind people. God bless them and their amazing cooking skills.

Our Secret Recipe

  • 1 cup of FUN
  • 1 gallon of FRIENDSHIP
  • 1 pinch of HOPE
  • a few SMILES
  • and endless spoons of passion

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